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"Clint's wife Jane also periodically loved to deviate from the norm at dinner by staging Hawaiian-style luaus on the main swimming beach. These never took place while Clint, Jr. was on the Island because he couldn't tolerate the mosquitoes and no-see-ums that routinely appeared as the sea breezes waned in the evening.

Luau in the Bahamas
Jane was more tolerant of a few inconveniences in order to enjoy the fun of it all. This is clearly seen in a memorable photograph taken in the last light of day at a beach luau. She is wearing a bathing suit and wide-rimmed straw hat; hanging from the rim of the hat is a cylindrically shaped mosquito net, which protected her from flying critters from the top of her head to her toes. What a sight!!!

Most of the food for the outdoor buffet was prepared in the main kitchen and then transported to the beach on serving trays at the last minute. The remainder, including firm Spanish mackerel filets, split crawfish tails and tender pork spare ribs, were freshly grilled by Willard over an open charcoal fire on the beach.

Strategically placed open-flame kerosene torches created soft lighting in the area as adult guests sipped on one of Willard's delicious, but lethal, rum-based concoctions. Shouts and laughter could be heard from a group of children as they ran on the soft sandy beach and waded in the calm, clear water. The ragged tunes of Preacher and his band filled the air. Pervading everything was the enticing aroma emanating from the grill as Willard stood over it basting ribs and mindfully tending the delicate seafood. It titillated the collective appetite of the dining party, and when the buffet was served, the guests always ate ravenously and with great gusto..."

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Luau in the Bahamas
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